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bumble bee removal customer letter July 2, 2008: "THANKS for helping with our bumblebees in the pampas grass in Jax. I know it was a small job for you, and I appreciate you're traveling so far to help us. We finally got the pampas grass gone and are so happy!"

Toni Sudduth, Jacksonville Florida

yellow jacket removal customer letter June 26, 2008: "We'd like to thank the 2 of you so much. Mrs. Martyniak, I know you worry alot about your husband out all this time doing something dangerous. Your both in our prayers. I thank you for easing my mind for Frank. I learned so much also, Thank you again"

Donna & Frank Richards, Jasper Florida

winter park bee removal customer email Apr 03, 2008: "Richard, Thank you SO MUCH for coming out and taking our bees!!! You made me feel at ease with the whole process and it was awesome getting my mini “bee class” yesterday with you telling me everything you were doing in detail. My two year old son kept talking about “the bee man” all night last night! I feel confident that our bees are in good hands. And getting a piece of the honeycomb with the delicious honey was an added bonus!! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who also gets unwanted visitors. I’ve attached some pictures that I took….not as good as your hive pictures (which were amazing!!) because no way was I getting that close."

Jami H. , Winter Park

Mar 18, 2008: "I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did in removing our bee hive last week. It was a pleasure to work with you from start to finish. Having to deal with a bee hive was uncharted territory for me and I appreciate your taking the time to discuss the situation with me on the phone. Also, I appreciate all of the work involved and the care you took in removing and relocating the hive; also for taking the time to answer all of my bee questions!" Thanks again, Susan Conway"

Thank YOU Susan ! story and pics here soon.


Mar 17: Now, that stings! Escapee bees swarm a.m. commute full story...

Mar 6: Mississippi bee swarm stings man, stings and kills his beagle full story...

Feb 27: Tempe couple sustain hundreds of bee stings at dog park full story...

Oct 17: Front-end loader operator escapes injury after bee incident full story...

Oct 3rd: Pompano Beach Kids Stung By Bees During Recess full story...

Corpus Christi man dies after bee attack full story...

Port Lavaca man 'pretty good' after bee attack full story...(Fox News Killer Bee Video)

Bee attack leads to seven-hour outage full story...

Phoenix man survives 1600 killer bee stings full story...

Stinging bees chase man; falls, breaks leg full story...

Bees attack in San Bernardino full story...

Johnston Co. TX - Bees sting Cattle Workers. full story...

More Africanized "Killer Bees" Found in New Orleans Area full story...

Mission TX man dead after bee stings full story...

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Picture of a bee swarm in Orlando Florida - AllFloridaBeeRemoval.comA swarm in May is worth a load of hay; a swarm in June is worth a silver spoon; but a swarm in July is not worth a fly’

July 6 , 2008: It's summer here in Florida and that means few Bee Swarms are-a-flyin! A Bee Swarm is normally just a method of reproduction --at the colony level. The picture of the left is a Jacksonville honey bee swarm. When a bee colony gets too big for it's home, about 1/2 the hive will leave, taking the old queen with them. They will often temporarily land on a tree limb, side of a house or just about any location, while scout bees are looking for the best location to establish the newly formed colony. It's an amazing sight to see -- 20,000 or so bees moving to a branch within minutes. I've seen the sky darken with so many bees flying. African Bees will swarm in what's called migratory swarms. More on that later.

Ocala Bees swarming to a new location in a tree hole Ocala FlThis picture shows an Ocala Florida honey bee swarm that has landed on a tree hole.( Click here for story).True swarms are usually gentle, as they have no home or young to defend, but please respect them, as often they start building external nests within the swarm and can become defensive at any time. Call us for swarm removal. You can trust the All Florida Bee removal.com team to give the best service, guaranteed! Call Toll Free 1-855-930-BEES (2337) or feel free to email us HERE.

March 3 update: Is it a bee swarm? or bee colony? and why you should be concerned

Jacksonville Bee Swarm on a sago palmMarch 17 update: A Jacksonville Bee swarm on a Sago Palm


Bee College LogoALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com supports UF's 1st Annual Bee College

Mar 17 , 2008: All Florida Bee Removal team members, Entomologist Richard Martyniak and Jim Durlacher attended the University of Florida's First Annual Bee College and Master Bee Keeping curriculum held last Wed-Sat at the IFAS MFREC in Apopka, Fl. AFBR.com sponsored refreshments, supplied pens and even helped with kitchen cleanup duties (my wife would be suprised to hear that !!). The curriculum was fantastic. Thanks to UF apiary Entomologist/Professor Dr. Jamie Ellis and his crew from UF and DACS for presenting such a wonderful event for beekeepers. Kudos !!

Florida Bee Rescue in Oak Tree InterlachenFlorida Bee Rescue in Fallen Oak Tree

Mar 23 , 2008: North Florida Honey Bee Association President & Florida State Beekeepers Association Publicity Coordinator Nancy Gentry and All Florida Bee Removal Entomologist Richard Martyniak tackled a honey bee rescue in Interlachen this past Saturday, March 22, 2008. A majestic Oak tree had blown over in Interlachen, Florida a few weeks back and a resident bee colony went over with it. Here's a brief interim story on the bee rescue.

Bee sticky trap filled with honeybees underneath an electric meterPlease DON'T spray bees with Wasp-Freeze !!

MARCH 19, 2008: This Jacksonville Bee Removal customer was told by the Local hardware store to use cans of Wasp Freeze on a swarm of bees that had moved in to her wall, right behind her electric meter. Please O' Please NEVER EVER use cans of insecticide on Bees ! You will incite thousands of honey bees to fly around the immediate area and maybe around your neighbors houses up and down your street. And then when you do call us to do the job correctly, it takes longer to control the little girls, which means a more expensive visit. Plus, we absolutely cannot attempt a live removal ( applicable only in northern Non africanized regions of the state ). Story and more pictures to follow.

Africanized Honey Bees in Florida, Coping with the Challenge FDACS DVDSend your Insect Photos in for Identification

Feb 18, 2008: Have some insects that you need Identified? Or just some cool pics of Insects that you want everybody to see? Send 'em in and our entomologists will be happy to ID them for you!

Email your JPG, GIFS, TIFF or Photoshop PSD's to info@ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com We'll soon have an image gallery of guest submitted photos, so send 'em in!!

Nov 1-3, Winter Haven, FL: :Florida State Beekeepers Association annual meeting

The All Florida Bee Removal team attended the Florida State Beekeepers meeting last week, Nov 1-3rd. Speakers including, Dr. Jamie Ellis, Assistant Professor, University of Florida Entomology & Nematology, Jerry Hayes, FDACS DPI Apiary Inspection Assistant Chief,, Amanda Ellis, FL Dept. of Agriculture DPI, Dr. Malcolm Sanford, and many others spoke on topics of interest to anybody interested in bees. Workshops with live beehives were conducted by Apiary inpectors, and AFBR's Richard Martyniak shot video and will be producing DVD's and web delivered video of the workshops, which will be available from FSBA.. AFBR.com is donating the production & postproduction costs to the FSBA. AFBR associates are beekeepers and remain committed to supporting beekeeping and honey production in the State of Florida & the United States. video: Richard Martyniak

All Florida Bee Removal .com One State:One Call - Toll Free 800-343-5317THE STINGING INSECT EXPERTS TM

Looking for info on Bees? " Killer Bees " ? You found the right place. The All Florida Bee Removal.com affiliates are the recognized experts in stinging insect control in Florida. Our team consists of entomologists, state certified pest control operators and beekeepers. Our affiliates offer removal services of all stinging insects for the entire state of Florida. Want to know what kind of insect is bothering you? Take a look at our gallery for commonly encountered stinging pests. Need more info or a speaker at an event? Contact one of our experts in our forums. You can trust the All Florida Bee removal.com team to give the best service, guaranteed! Call Toll Free 1-855-930-BEES (2337)

Africanized Honey Bees in Florida, Coping with the Challenge FDACS DVDAfricanized Honey Bees - State of Florida DVD

Always happy to assist our regulatory officials in spreading the word about African bees, Our very own entomologists, Jonathan Simkins & Richard Martyniak, participated in production of the new Florida Dept. of Agriculture's (DACS) educational DVD, " Africanized Bees in Florida Coping with the Challenge". Jonathan gladly donned his protective gear and demonstrated proper control techniques for the production crew. He also kept the production crew safe from the legions of slightly upset African bees. Richard (a very accomplished insect videographer) provided macro footage of a honey bee sting. No,, he did'nt provide the arm..this time!!

The video is now running on local government TV. Click here for a link to the PSA on the DACS website.

Oct 8th, 2007: AllFloridaBeeRemoval.com invites Tampa's ABC Action News reporter Don Germaise to suit up

Don Germaise suited up in one of our sting suits and went skyward to deliver a story about not one, but two aerial honey bee nests in a St. Petersburg neighborhood tree. See the ABC action news video here story and videos pending ....video: Richard Martyniak

Jonathan Simkins of Insect IQ on MyFox Tampa Bay Anne Dwyer interviews him about LoveBugs Oct 1st, 2007: Entomologist Jonathan Simkins on Fox13TM

One of our own entomologists, Jon Simkins, Insect IQ,was featured on this morning's Fox 13, and talked about love bugs. Did you know that love bugs aren't 'bugs' at all? Where did they come from? Were they hatched by some university as a biocontrol project gone awry? Fox 13's Anne Dwyer interviews Jon and they offer suggestions for dealing with these pesky critters. full story ....

March 2nd, 2008 - All Florida Bee Removal site upgrading

more links are working now. stay tuned for more cool stuff!

Florida Pest Control Operators:

All Florida Bee Removal is here to assist you in tackling those bee jobs. Why expose yourself to the increased danger and liability that stinging insect work entails? Our team members are proven stinging insect experts that YOU can count on. . We are entomologists,licensed pest control operators & beekeepers that have the education & experience to tackle those difficult stinging insects.. Give us a call, we'll be happy to discuss the details.

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