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Flour Bluff family mourns victim of bee attack

An elderly Corpus Christi man was the victim of a deadly bee attack in Flour Bluff Monday night.

David Moxon, 74, was mowing some brush for the Audobon Society, when he was attacked and stung nearly 1000 times.

It happened in a back alley behind a row of houses on the 400 block of Clearview around 6 p.m. His widow said David died doing the job he loved.

"I just told her, I said 'I have bad news,'" Eva Moxan, the victim's widow, said of an emotional phone call she had to make to her step daughter shortly after learning her husband, David, had been killed.

"I didn't want to believe it," she said. "I still don't want to believe it."

Eva was at work, when a swarm of Africanized bees attacked her husband on Monday evening, while he was mowing this brush behind a row of houses.

David may never have seen the bees coming. According to authorities, the beehive was actually buried about 20 feet in the brush.

He was stung nearly 1000 times, and he died before he even made it to the hospital.

"He had bee stings on his head, his arms, his belly, everything...his legs. I mean, he was stung really bad," Eva said.





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