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Arizona African ("Killer Bees") Bees attack man while walking

NEW: Video coverage : Bees sting man, responding firefighters stung

Man survives 1600 Killer Bee stings

A man in Phoenix, Arizona says he has firefighters and doctors to thank for saving his life after being attacked by killer bees.

The attack happened last week, but Jim Anderson is just now able to talk about it.

Anderson says he was walking back to his apartment from the laundry area when he walked under a tree. It was at that moment a huge swarm of bees attacked him. Anderson suffers from fibromyalgia and was unable to run away.

Firefighters arrived and sprayed foam on the man. One firefighter even threw his jacket on Anderson to shield him from the bees.

A week later, Anderson is out of the hospital and back at home. He is covered with red marks and welts where the bees stung him. At first it was thought Anderson was stung about 100-times, but after doctors were able to check him out thoroughly, they upped that number to 16-hundred.

Anderson says he has a lot of "thank yous" to give out, to firefighters and other medical personnel who saved him.


This story illustrates just how dangerous african bees can be to those members of the general population that can't or are unable to run away. Infants, Children, Elderly and handicapped people (or those that care for them need to pay special attention to their surroundings. If you do hear a buzzing sound, be prepared to RUN! and seek shelter.. a car, a house, or building. . --Richard Martyniak

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