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Mission Texas Man Dies After Bee Attack

Brother witnessed the event

ALTON - A Mission man died after bees stung him about 800 times. The man's brother, Lester Compton, witnessed the attack.

"Those bees go like a tornado. That's when it all took place," says Compton.

He tells us they couldn't afford an exterminator, but he never expected such an attack. Compton broke down as he recalled the event. He says he was helping his brother Paul get a car out of the garage at the time

Compton tells us Paul was left partially paralyzed after a stroke, so Paul couldn't move as quickly as himself.

"He came out this way and fell down here two times," he says.

Compton says his brother was screaming his name. Compton ran with bug spray to fight off the swarm. But he didn't realize the spray was aggravating the bees.

"They got angry. They attacked," he says.

Compton called 911, but by then, his brother Paul wasn't moving.

"He was completely covered in bees. But they were so aggravated, they came on to the firefighters too," says Alton Fire Chief Elias Saldivar.

Paul died the next day.

The City of Alton paid for an exterminator to get rid of the bees. Officials tell NEWSCHANNEL 5 people should get an exterminator, or if you can't afford one, they should carefully use a flash light and water hose late at night.





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