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Florida DACS press release: Okeechobee Africanized Honey Bee Fatality


Sad news, but it was inevitable here in Florida. Our population density has increased and the Africanized honey bee population (AHB) is increasing as well which only makes human - AHB incidents more likely..

What strikes me is the mention that the victim had seen the bees at least a week before, and therefore knew that a bee colony was close by. It can take very little provocation to provoke an African Bee attack, therefore residents who reside in known Africanized honey bee areas, should pay extra attention to their surroundings. Over 1/2 of the stinging incidents involve colonies whose victims knew of their prior existence will have team members at the Okeechobee AHB training sessions. Press can contact a stinging insect expert at 1-855-930-BEES (2337).. We are entomologists, Registered bee keepers & Licensed pest control operators who can give competent interviews and advice. If you suspect you have an AHB colony, PLEASE call us at 1-855-930-BEES (2337). -- Richard Martyniak, April. 11, 2008

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