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Dec 11, 2008, Tampa, FL. TECO:

Tampa Electric calls and says they need us FAST to treat a honey bee colony in a power pole. Jonathan Simkins' Insect IQ responded within 30 minutes to find TECO had already shut power off and he and his technician came to the rescue. The job was a difficult one with branches & foliage impeding the remote lift access to the pole. You can see the final picture where Eric is holding the branch with bees hanging off of it. Africanized honey bees (aka 'killer bees) commonly infest voids found within poles, and it's not recommended for utility personnel to treat bee colonies themselves. The stinging risk to surrounding residents & pets is real. We service utility, cable & phone companies thoughout the state of Florida.

Nov 26, 2008, Clermont, Florida Honey Bee Removal:

We perform a removal in a Sumter Electric Cooperative (SECO) electric utility pedestal on Thanksgiving eve. The bees had gained access through a hole in the fiberglass pedestal, likely caused by landscape equipment bumping into it and damaging it. The bees were probable Africanized AHB (Killer Bees for you media sensationalists) based on observations upon removal. We perform bee removals for many utilities & municipalities state wide and are experts at the proper methods to reduce liabilty for organizations and their customers.Our entomologists also give popular presentations just right for your safety training requirements. Call one of our bee removal experts at 1-855-930-BEES (2337) to discuss our programs.

Nov 7, 2008, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Honey Bee Removal

We perform a complicated removal from a 2nd story dormer roof. The owner previously had called a national wildlife removal company (hint: they drive yellow trucks and claim to "control critters") to take on this huge honey bee infestatons. They had been out 6 times (!!) and tried unsuccessfully to seal the bee colony in place with foam and a cursory application of insecticidal dust. It was clear that the technician did not know proper pesticide application methods.

Good thing the bees outsmarted them and found ways out. If the colony had perished, ~175 pounds of honey, bee bread, wax and dead bees would have become an oozing, smelly mess, running down the ceiling and walls. Infestations of secondary insects would have greeted the owners for months afterwards...

Please, when looking to hire a bee removal service, check their credentials. is the only service that has 2 stinging insect entomologists (graduates of the prestigous University of Florida Urban Entomology Program!), specialized pest control operators & beekeepers who really know bees and proper bee removal.Every week we help customers who have been victims of improper & unsafe bee removals. We hold all necessary certifications and insurance to protect you.. Many providers do not, and can leave you holding a big bag of risk.









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