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Removing Honey Bee Nests ( A how-to remove bee nests )



An excellent how to remove bee nests in structures by Dr. Malcolm Sanford. His article was written before the introduction of African ( termed "killer bees" in the media ) bees here in Florida, so be aware that the defensiveness of feral colonies varies dramatically, and wearing a full bee suit is highly advised if undertaking the live removal. Be aware that the process described is often much more difficult than what may first appear. It's not uncommon to make a dozen visits or so, consuming hours and hours of time. It can be very difficult to coerce the excluded bees into the trap hive.

If you do remove a colony, it's recommended that the colony be requeened with a queen of certified European genetics and to also remove drone brood and adults. One may unwittingly hasten the spread of African bees if proper care is not exercised.

Richard Martyniak, M.Sc. Entomologist


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