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Bees & Wasps

Can bees be relocated alive?

In certain situations, yes. On & around structures, only knowledgeable and registered Beekeepers that are properly certified as Florida Pest Control Operators & are following rules and procedures outlined by The Bureau of Plant & Apiary Inspection FDACS may relocate wild colonies. In most cases, it’s “smoke & mirrors” when someone says they are providing live removal. The bees are still exterminated, but as the customer, you won’t know the difference. And since much of Florida now has Africanized (Killer Bees) Honey Bees, the risk to humans and pets can far outweigh the possible value of a single colony of feral honey bees. If you value your assets, read this blog post for more important information on live bee removals.

Is it legal to kill bees?

Yes, only if the swarms/colonies are wild (not in managed boxes) and are on your property. The Florida Department of Agriculture (FDACS) recommends that wild colonies be exterminated by bee removal companies licensed in pest control to help prevent the spread of the Africanized honeybee.

Click here for Florida state public advisory

We do not recommend that you do your own bee removal due to the danger and complexity of the process. We have been doing bee removal for a long time and have learned valuable lessons in providing service safely and efficiently.

Who can eradicate bees?

Knowledgeable bee removal companies who are licensed in pest control by the Florida Department of Agriculture (FDACS). Licensed pest control companies are required by Law to have Commercial Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation in the event they damage your property or get hurt while on your property.

If they are not licensed, they most likely do not have insurance! ** Lack of knowledge and experience can cost you way more when the job is not done right.. the first time!

Follow this link to the Florida Dept. of Agriculture website to see who is licensed: http://app1.flaes.org/ceu/companysearch.asp

Why did bees choose my house? (Wall, soffit, tree,etc..)

It's likely you had little to do with the factors that influence bees to choose your property. Bees will build nests just about anywhere you can imagine, including wall voids, soffits, chimneys, under floors, In tree holes, water & irrigation boxes and more. Swarms will land in shrubs, trees, cars, even on the ground!

While a swarm of bees may only stop off temporarily on your property before moving on to another location, once the bees have colonized and established a hive, they are most often there to stay. You should not wait to find out if bees are colonizing or just swarming through your property, because once a hive is established, it can quickly grow and turn into a big problem, almost overnight.

Can't I just spray the Bees & seal up the hole?
Not a good idea, for several reasons. Bee colonies can contain more than 50,000 adult bees, plus up up to 3 times that number of larvae and pupae. That could be 200,000 bees! Most spray products only kill a couple thousand adults, leaving the rest disturbed and often very defensive. This is when many folks get stung, sometimes hundreds of times. And not just you, you've now endangered your neighborhood.Secondly, If you seal up the hole, whatever remaining live bees will find their way into your home. Even if you do kill the adults, pupae continue to develop into adults at the rate of 2-3000 bees a day. They seek light, and can wriggle their way into your living area. Never, Never seal a colony in a wall. Thirdly, once you injure or terminate a colony of bees, a wave of hive parasites, what we call secondary infestations, begin immediately. Small Hive Beetle & Fly adults & larvae, Wax moths, roaches, ants, rats & mice and a whole host of microbial attacks (bacteria and fungi) start feasting on the decaying comb. Clients who attempt self treatment often report waves of maggots a week later, moving throughout their homes, even dropping from lights up to a 100' away from the nest. And of course, the smelly aroma. Why did it have to be smelly aroma! And lastly, If you leave the decaying nest in a void,without properly treating with long-lasting insecticides & sealing openings to less than 1/4", you will have bees again. Bees are like mini-AWACS sensing planes, they can smell minute amounts of nest aroma, and a swarm will move in to build another colony. .
Will the bees leave on their own?
A bee swarm that has landed within the last day or two, may very well leave for another site to build a permanent colony. If the swarm is in an area not frequented by the public, we often advise to just "let it bee" for a day or two. Chances are the swarm will find a nesting location away from your property, and nothing else will have to be done. Go here to learn more about bee swarms. Once a swarm starts building wax comb, the be colony will stay. Permanently. And they become more defensive when they are building comb, as they now have something to defend. It's time to call us for professional removal. Do it fast, as we've seen a hundred pounds of wax comb, pollen, nectar and bees develop within a week. The sooner you have us perform the removal, the easier and more economical the job. .

General Q's

How much does the bee removal cost?

Bee removal costs vary depending on location, size, and age of the bee colony. We always do an in depth inspection and explain the problem to you while providing a solution. We then give you an agreeable total cost prior to beginning service. No “windows” of cost that obligate you the customer to the highest cost of that “window”. We offer valuable service at a cost that works for you

When can you help me with my bee problem?

We aspire to provide same day or next day service depending on yours and our schedules. Our service trucks and beekeepers are available in our coverage area on a daily basis and are equipped to solve your bee problem while on site. The bee removal process can take up to 2-4 hours to complete on average depending on the severity of the problem

Do you guarantee your services?

Yes, warranty terms are based on the services provided. We promise to provide you the best customer service, which should be expected.

Do you do repairs?

We can sometimes do minor temporary repairs depending on building construction. Most repairs are cosmetic and minor giving you the option to call your handyman or a “buddy” who knows how to “fix it”. This saves you unnecessary additional costs.

Always remember that you can get a future re-infestation if repairs are not done or not done correctly.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check and credit cards. We accept payment when the service is done. Account billing is available for most commercial entities at our discretion.

Deposits are not necessary and not expected unless there is a need for lift equipment or additional contractors.

What is your Website Privacy policy?

You can find our website Privacy Policy here.


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