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Main page : Love bugs lake lochloosa Sept 30 2007

Killer bees? no problem for us... Love bugs? sorry charlie....

Love bugs Lake Lochloosa

Sep. 30, 2007

eatin' satchel's pizza leftovers

lovebugs love white

yeah, I don't do lovebugs

lot's of love going on

blame FSU

Killer bees, no problem, but lovebugs!!!

maybe white is a bad color choice

there were thousands on the truck

notice the minimal hand-truck contact


Love bugs are the bane of millions of motorists in the South. They are actually flies (Diptera) not bugs, and for two seasons (spring & fall) the adults engage in mating behavior, sometimes flying 5000 feet in the air and several miles over the Gulf of Mexico. They even have their own airline..the slogan is "Fly United" : )

Believe it or not, they are actually considered beneficial; the larvae live in decaying vegetable matter and help decompose it. Thousands can be found under cow patties. The adults feed on nectar and can help pollination of flowering plants. And, no despite what you've heard, love bugs are NOT a University of Florida Entomology Dept biological experiment gone awry. If anything blame Florida State Univ... Love bugs migrated along the Gulf Coast from Mexico in the 1940's-- and FSU had first duty to stop them as they blew threw Tallahassee : )

And yeah, even though we deal with killer bees, hornets, and yellow jackets daily, there is no reasonable control methods for love bugs. Oh why did it have to be love bugs ??

--Richard Martyniak, Oct. 1, 2007

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