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21 July 2008

The Bee Boy Dance !!

Haagen Daaz's site has a new music video featuring the bee-boy-dance-crew. Funny stuff until you catch the message at the end

14 July 2008

Beekeeper family wanted for ABC's "Wife Swap"

Want to make $20,000 for 10 days Part-time work? Yes this is real.
ABC's Wife Swap is looking for a beekeeper family for an upcoming episode. We talked to the producer and she says to qualify you'll need to satisfy the following:

1. Bee a bee keeper ( # of hives not important)
2. Bee a married couple
3. Have children at home ( Ages 6-20 ) <>
4. Bee willing to bee on a reality tv show
5. One parent has to be able to travel for 10 days.

My wife Cathy & I were really hoping to at least make an interview. Sounds like fun, but our son is a bit too young.

Send an email with the following,and we'll put you in touch with the producer:

email address
phone number
names of couple

I promise this is legit..Richard Martyniak

09 July 2008

I saved Jesus from Bees ! ! !

Yes, apparently it's true, Jesus was having a bit of a problem with Tampa honey bees and needed some help. Enter Jim Durlacher from's Tampa affiliate, Insect IQ.
Jesus has bees

Here's what Jim wrote........"Yes, you read that right....I Saved Jesus! He was hanging there, and the bees moved in to make a home." ... The honey bee colony is right there on Jesus' back.
Closer view of the bees on Jesus

'They just now flew in last week!' That was the response from the persons at the church. Two weeks ago when they held their sunrise service in front of Jesus on the lawn, no one noticed? From what I can make, there were there for about 2-3 months." Here's a closeup of bees with plenty of comb material. We do bee removals routinely, in some strange places, but this is heavenly !!
closeup of bees on Jesus in TAmpa florida

"Anyway I did my job to help save Jesus from the bees, and now the bees are gone, so is about 20 pounds of honey and comb, and several thousand bees. Lucky no one got stung at their outdoor sunrise service, or may someone did, and they cried 'enough!' Jesus is free of bees!"
Jesus is free of bees

08 July 2008

Bee Commando game?

There are days when I'm doing bee treatments I feel like I'm being attacked by bee commandos. Honey Bees will "head butt" you when they first feel threatened. The force of hundreds of little bees hitting my veil is quite amazing. And they can release venom while doing this behaviour, so my face gets covered in venom. Good reason to wear eye protection, because venom can cause optic trauma.
Anyway, Here's a little bee game to bemuse you. Aim at your opponent's hive and hold down the mouse button to attack. Click here to open in a separate window at a larger size.

08 July 2008

30 foot high honey bee removal

Well, introductions are in order. I'm the goofy lookin' dude in the bee suit below:

Richard Martyniak in a bee suit

My name is Richard Martyniak, and I'm one of the team members here at You'll meet the others later. I have a Master's Degree in Urban Entomology from the University of Florida Entomology Dept, where I worked for several years. My specialization is the control of stinging insects. I Performed research, developed courses for online education, and gave plenty of talks to pest control operators, extension personnel and regular folks too. Here I'm doing my education thing again.. I just love teaching people about the wonders of insects !

Entomologist Richard Martyniak

Tati invited me to perform a live honey bee removal from her family's Orlando Azalea Park home. The bee hive ( colony is really the correct terminology ) was located in a large Oak tree and required the use of a man-lift to get so high up in the tree. Here,I'm showing how to light a smoker. We use smoke to 'calm' bees, so we can relocate them to a hive box.

Lighting an orlando beekeeping smoker

But I really like working with the girls..( most bees, wasps and ants are female ), especially large colonies high up in trees!
Heading up in the lift:
preparing to do a live honeybee removal in tree

I'm about 30 feet up in this pic, working the honey bees.
live removal of orlando bees in a tree

It sure gets hot in bee suit. Replenishing with OJ helps:
Beekeeping is hard work

We had a successful day, removing and rescuing the aerial honey bee colony. Thanks to Tati for having me out and taking the great pics. Thanks for the Burger and hotdogs too!

not a sting all day in azalea park