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03 August 2008

100,000 honey bees in a house wall!

We were called out recently to a Jacksonville house that had honey bees living in a wall. They had entered through a stove vent that was removed, and improperly sealed.

First Coast News' Erich Spivey suited up and bravely reported the story.

Yours truly was stung about 30 times. I like how Erich edited my on camera sting in the story.

Here's a portion of what Erich wrote on First Coast News:

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- "I was like, Oh my God! Bees," recalled Jacksonville resident Lisa Hinson.

This sounds like a B-movie, but this one is the real thing.

"I haven't seen bees except on Winnie the Pooh," says Hinson's daughter.

Lisa Hinson and her daughter first saw the buzzing near a small vent three weeks ago.

"I called the bee man and he said the outside is nothing compared to what's on the inside," Hinson says.

"A seemingly gentle colony of bees can become killers, with simple provocation," says Richard Martyniak of All Florida Bee Removal.

here's the rest of his report