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Yellow Jacket Vespula maculifrons
Florida Yellow Jacket

Did you know that not all Yellow Jacket Wasp removal firms really know bees and other stinging insects? It's true, most pest control company technicians or Wildlife firms don't have the knowledge to properly locate, treat and remove a YellowJacket infestation.

The All Florida Bee Removal.com team members are the recognized experts in stinging insect control in Florida. Our team consists of University of Florida graduate entomologists, state certified pest control operators & registered beekeepers. Did you know that we offer removal services of all stinging insects for the entire state of Florida? Need service NOW? You can trust the ALL Florida Bee removal.com team to give the best service, guaranteed! Call Toll Free 1-855-930-BEES (2337)

Yellowjacket Life Histories

Yellow Jacket Vespula maculifrons
Eastern Yellow Jacket
Eastern Yellow Jacket

Eastern Yellow Jacket, Vespula maculifrons

Single Queen Yellowjacket, which results in relatively small colonies. Small still can be significant, often numbering 10,000-25,000 individuals per colony.

Primarily builds subterranean nests, often at the base of trees or under shrubbery in loose soil.

Occasionally will build aerial nests, or nests that are placed in hedges, sitting on debri or branches. Will build in structures as well

Colonies often only persist one year, especially in portions of Northern Florida, where hard freezes can kill colonies that have built external nests. Underground nests can overwinter quite readily in all of Florida

In Florida, Distribution is mainly Northern to Northern Central Florida. .

Thorax pronotum has large shield shaped black coloration. This species is usually a bit smaller than the other Florida species, The Southern Yellow Jacket, Vespula squamosa.

click on images for larger versions


Southern Yellow Jacket

Yellowjacket head on shot Vespula squamosaSouthern Yellow Jacket

These are captures from a Macro video that is embedded at the bottom of this page. One of the diagnostic features of Vespula is the presence of many hairs around the head and thorax.

Paper wasps don't have such dense hairs.This pic shows the hairs very well. Honeybees have even denser hair, but have hairs that are "split ends". Yellowjackets probably have a bigger hair care budget. (j/k) Click on image for larger version. photo credit: Richard Martyniak


Yellowjacket head on shot Vespula squamosaSouthern Yellow Jacket


Yellow Jackets have very strong mandibles, well suited for excavating soil and even chewing through wood if needed. Note the 'tibial spurs" on the legs, as this is a good feature that honey bees do not possess. Click on image for larger version. photo credit: Richard Martyniak

Yellowjacket head on shot Vespula squamosaSouthern Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jackets stand guard at nest openings, and are ready to attack within 2-3 seconds of provocation. A provocation can be as simple as a guard smelling the odor of a mammal, or vibrations from walking nearby.


These provocations can illicit alarm pheromone release, which can result in 10's of thousands of defending wasps.



Yellowjacket head on shot Vespula squamosaSouthern Yellow Jacket


Stinger apparatus is really modified female reproductive parts.

Yellowjacket stingers are about twice as long as Honey bee stingers, and most of us sting veterans agree that they hurt more than that!

Click on image for larger version. photo credit: Richard Martyniak

Southern Yellowjackets, V. squamosa, are the predominate yellowjacket species in Florida and have multiple queens per colony, sometimes numbering in the hundreds. Because of this reproductive potential, colonies can attain massive size, often numbering over 100,000 indivicuals. At the beginning, notice the multiple openings, and high numbers of individuals entering and leaving the colony.

Southern Yellow Jacket(Vespula squamosa) Video . credit: Richard Martyniak

ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com Goes Toe to Toe with Billy The Exterminator

Brevard County, Florida:

Richard Martyniak reports:

Billy The Exterminator thinks he's seen a Giant Yellowjacket nest?? Awwww, pshaw, the ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com crew sees puny nests like his every day? Check out our 12 foot beauty..

Tampa Bay's Connect10's story about a huge Yellow Jacket wasp removal in Pasco County

Giant Yellowjacket nest Treatment

Tampa, Florida Yellowjacket removal: ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com's Entomologist Jonathan Simkins is interviewed by Tampa Bay's Connect 10 about a giant yellow jacket nest located in Pasco County. Yellowjackets are a specialty of Jonathan's and he loves to help folks out with treatments of these beneficial but very ornery stinging insects. See the story here. Call one of our experts at 1-855-930-BEES (2337) for expert yellow jacket treatment and removal.

Orlando Yellow Jacket Nest
Davenport Yellow Jackets Nest
Davenport Fl: Fish Camp overrun by Gigantic Yellow Jacket Nest!

Yellow jacket wasps are opportunistic: They will gladly move into structures if humans are'nt using them effectively! This nest was found in an old Florida Fish camp in Davenport that had been abandoned for a short period.

This species of yellow jacket is Vespula squamosa, the Southern Yellow Jacket, and it can contain hundreds of Queens, which allows the nest to grow into millions of individuals, and several feet in size!

Want to see more Pictures and video of this large yellow jacket nest? Click here to see our post over at our bee removal blog!

Jonathan Simkins B.Sc., Entomologist
Insect IQ
1-855-930-BEES (2337)

Orlando Yellow Jacket Nest
Orlando Yellow Jackets Nest
Orlando Yellow Jacket Nest: Don't Try This!

When it comes to Bees and Yellow Jackets, sometimes I feel like the good folks at Mythbusters when Adam Savage says "Don't Try This!"

This photo shows a client's attempt at smothering a yellowjacket nest in his backyard. He attempted to put a pot over the opening and then shoveled sand over it to smother it. His girlfriend said he came running in the house covered with Yellow Jackets and all wide eyed and in shock. He's lucky to be alive.

We see many severe injuries and even deaths from these very defensive wasps. Bee Safe, contact us, the Stinging Insect Experts at ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com 1-855-930-BEES (2337) for proper Yellow Jacket removal. Remember, our services are most likely cheaper than any Emergency Room Visit!

Richard Martyniak, M.Sc., Entomologist

Yellow Jacket Nest
Yellow Jacket Underground Nest
Alachua Yellow Jacket Nest Removal

We received a call from a client in Alachua, one of the most beautiful towns in Florida! But alas, her beauty was being interrupted by nasty, defensive YellowJacket wasps, who had decided to build an underground nest right in her front yard. She and her son had been stung and she needed the nest removed properly!

I was able to excavate the nest after treatment, and show you how cool these yellow jacket nests are. They are protected by an envelope of 'paper' that the wasps make from tree bark and saliva. The envelope protects the nest from water and other liquids, so if you try to pour hot water or gas down the hole, it usually doesnt work!

Bee safe, call the entomologists at http://ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com for yellow jacket removals done Right! 1-855-930-BEES (2337)

Yellow Jacket Nest
Rockledge Yellow Jacket Nest Removal Brevard County Yellowjacket removal

This photo shows the opening of a large Yellow Jacket nest that we removed in Rockledge, FL. You can see the paper nest really well, and this represents just part of the openings that were visible above ground. The nest below ground measured about 3 foot by 4 foot, and was about 18" deep! The client had tried to treat it with wasp and hornet spray, but after about 10 cans, his wife finally called us, the entomologists at ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com. for fast removal of these very large wasp nests.

This species is the Southern Yellow Jacket, Vespula squamosa. These wasp nests can get HUGE, with numbers over one MILLION individuals. Here's a link to a video of us treating a large Yellow Jacket wasp nest..notice how many of these wasps are flying around! When you get a nest this size, treatments that your redneck brother-in-law recommends (like gasoline, kerosene, putting a bowl over the openings) simply do not work. (Read here why gasoline and kerosene should NEVER be used, anyway!). We have arrived at many, many jobs where clients have tried all these treatments and more, and STILL have the Yellowjackets, but now they've really made them MAD!!! Protect yourself, your neighbors and your assets. Call us Toll Free at 1-855-930-BEES (2337) or Send us an email, for professional Rockledge & Cocoa Beach Yellow Jacket removal from the Stinging Insect Experts at ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com

Titusville Yellow Jackets in Recliner!
Titusville YellowJacket Nest Removal

Sit down in this Laz-Boy recliner and you'd have a heck of a buzzing surprise!

A colony of Southern YellowJackets, Vespula squamosa, decided to make their nest inside this recliner. Amazingly, this is very common, as the interior of most upholstered furniture has very large voids, providing perfect refuge in which to raise young, and to defend. If you look closely, you can see several openings that these wasps have chewed open, and surrounded with a paper like substance that they manufacture from tree barks.

Please...DON"T attempt to treat a colony this size-- we have worked fatalities because of these defensive Yellowjackets or ground hornets. Call us toll free at 1-855-930-BEES (2337), or email us at info@allfloridabeeremoval.com Richard Martyniak, M.Sc., Entomologist http://allfloridabeeremoval.com/

Tavares Yellow Jacket Nest
Tavares Yellow Jacket Nest Removal

This is a Vespula maculifrons nest, aka the Eastern Yellowjacket.

We don't see too many of these species of Yellowjackets in Central Florida, instead we see their cousin, Vespula squamosa, the Southern Yellowjacket, which can attain huge nest sizes of over One million individuals!

The Eastern Yellowjacket nests stay relatively small, maybe getting to the size of a large watermelon at their largest. They only have one queen per nest,which limits the reproductive output, hence the nest size as well. This one was maybe the size of a large softball, but still had plenty of firepower, as I suffered a few stings myself!

For Tavares or Central Florida yellowjacket removal, contact us at ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com or 1-855-930-BEES (2337)

God Save the Yellow Jacket Queens?

Yep, click here to read about my experience with John Lydon, of Sex Pistols fame, as he was host for a Discovery Channel insect show. I was the Yellow Jacket Expert for the series, "John Lydon's MEGABUGS"!

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