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Winter Park Honey Logo Jean Vasicek Bee Removal

Support local beekeepers, buy LOCAL Honey. We prefer Winter Park Honey. NO pesticides, NO antibiotics EVER! and tastes GREAT! Order online at Winter Park Honey's online store here. PMP title

ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com makes the cover! Pest Management Professional chose ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com for their cover story! Go here for the current issue.

Valentines day: Donate Bees to small-scale Farmers

Heifer International

Honey Bee Swarm It's Bee Swarm Season! Our unseasonably warm sunny days have unleashed Thousands of Bee swarms! Click here for more info about our expert swarm removal services

Florida Killer Honey Bee Apis mellifera

Did you know that not all bee removal firms really know bees and other stinging insects? It's true, most pest control company technicians or beekeepers don't have the knowledge to properly locate, treat and remove a bee infestation.

The All Florida Bee Removal.com team members are the recognized experts in stinging insect control in Florida. Our team consists of University of Florida graduate entomologists, state certified pest control operators & registered beekeepers. Did you know that we offer removal services of all stinging insects for the entire state of Florida? Need service NOW? You can trust the ALL Florida Bee removal.com team to give the best service, guaranteed! Call Toll Free 1-855-930-BEES (2337)

Florida Killer Honey Bee Apis mellifera
This bee removal operator claimed to be licensed
Don't get "STUNG" by an Illegal Bee Removal operator!

Beware of unlicensed bee removal operators. Daily, we are called by clients who have been 'stung' by unlicensed, uninsured individuals or companies.

Why is it important to hire a licensed bee removal firm? How do you know if a provider is licensed? Why are most beekeepers prohibited from performing bee colony removals from your structure? Click here & here to read more about this timely topic!

These clients have been hoodwinked by outfits that make claims that "bees are going extinct"(they aren't), "we are cheaper than pest control", or other such nonsense. Be careful out there folks, we are seeing cases where clients and neighbors are being put in severe sting risk from bees that become very angry because of improper removal attempts by unlicensed, inexperienced and shady providers. You can always trust the Stinging Insect Experts here at ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com

ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com Goes Toe to Toe with Billy The Exterminator

Brevard County, Florida:

Richard Martyniak reports:

Billy The Exterminator thinks he's seen a Giant Yellowjacket nest?? Awwww, pshaw, the ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com crew sees puny nests like his every day? Check out our 12 foot beauty..

MYFOX Tampa Bay: Cicada Love is in the Air

FOX 13 News

Tampa Bay, Florida:


Our very own Jonathan Simkins is interviewed, and explains the recent influx of Cicadas

WESH2 News: Orlando residents 'Stung" by Improper Bee Removal

Orlando, Florida:

WESH-2 news reports: Neighbors were frantic: They couldn't go outside 3 days after a local Orlando Beekeeper removed a honey bee colony from a foreclosed house.. improperly AND Illegally! ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com's Jason Deeringer rescued the residents of this formerly quiet neighborhood, after people and pets were severely stung...by bees AND the realty company who hired this illegal beekeeper.

Don't let this happen to you! Hire a licensed stinging insect expert. We can handle any infestation you may have, professionally and properly.

Southwest Florida's Fox4 reports on a Cape Coral Bee Removal we performed

Cape Coral, Florida:

Our Southwest Florida bee removal experts, ProTech PC Specialists, rescue the City of Cape Coral's efforts to demolish an abandoned house. 3 colonies of Killer Bees inhabitated a house that was undergoing demolition, even stinging workers. Demolition equipment is very noisy and creates significant vibration, which will initiate a stinging response by bees. Bee Safe, if you need Cape Coral Bee Removal, call the experts at ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com and ProTech PC Specialists !

TampaBay.com reports: "The Art of Tampa Bee Removal"

Tampa, Florida:

TampaBay.com reports: ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com's Entomologist, Jonathan Simkins, explains the art and science of Tampa Bee Removal credit: Cherie Diez

World Golf Village Multi-Nest Bee Removal

Africanized bee attack Tampa Fla

St. Augustine, Florida:

ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com removes an extremely large bee infestation at the Cascades at World Golf Village. Incredibly, Two bee colonies had inhabited a clubhouse archway, and our Jason had to cut small holes to get INSIDE the archway and perform the removal, amidst thousands of bees! ..photo credit: Graham Martin

The St. Augustine Record's Justine Griffin reports:

" When Jason Deeringer arrived at the Cascades housing development in World Golf Village to remove a beehive Wednesday, he didn't realize he would be climbing into a honeybee colony of more than 50,000 bees.

The hive, which stretched nearly 10 feet throughout the inside of an arch in the Cascades' clubhouse, was one of the largest hives he's ever seen. "It was quite a big project," said Deeringer, who works for All Florida Bee Removal, based in Central Florida. "But what made it so hard was that the bees were inside part of the building." Deeringer had to cut through the stucco on the outside of the clubhouse and stick his head and upper body into the building to remove the bees and hive, he said.

The inside of the structure was sprayed with a quick-kill pesticide that killed more than half of the bees before Deeringer began the removal process, he said. The hive weighed close to 300 pounds, he said. "I had to literally climb into this part of the clubhouse to get them all out," Deeringer said. All Florida Bee Removal assessed the hive almost two weeks ago. Deeringer arrived at the Cascades development on Tuesday morning to remove the hive, but he quickly realized the project was much bigger than he originally expected. "I had to come back on Wednesday with more resources," he said. "It took us nearly 12 hours to get all of it down."

See pics and the rest of her story here.

Jacksonville's First Coast News reported on the story too:

Africanized bee attack Tampa Fla

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There was quite a buzz at the Cascades at World Golf Village in St. Augustine, and it led to a honey of a problem.

President and CEO Art Carlo said it all started last summer, when workers noticed honey on the entryway to the complex's clubhouse.Cascades management decided to have the doorway power washed, and tried several other means to remove the discoloration the honey left behind to no avail. Next, they tried calling a pest control company, who sprayed for bees, which appeared to get the problem under control.

However, this summer the problem returned in force, as residents began noticing more and more bees flying around.Management once again asked the pest control company to spray, but this time the company told them that the problem was more than they could handle and directed them to contact a specialist.

Enter The Buzzkillers, a company based out of Orlando.

Property Manager Sherry McNees said Jason Deeringer, a beekeeper who is a service technician for the company, came to the property Wednesday.Deeringer cut a small hole in the entryway, and was startled at the number of bees he saw inside.His initial estimation was that the hive was about five feet long, and that left him with two options.First, Deeringer could spray the bees with insecticide, and then leave them to die.

Doing that may have worked, but McNees explained that this could have attracted maggots. Plus the hive was oozing with honey, which made it exceptionally heavy -- over 300 pounds, according to McNees. Deeringer instead opted to spray the insecticide, then go in to the wall and remove the hive piece by piece.Once he opened the hole large enough to get inside, he discovered that the hive was more than 10 feet long. McNees described Deeringer scooping out buckets of dead bees, and emerging from the hole covered in bee stings.

See pics and the rest of her story here.

Massive Honey Bee Nest removed from Downtown Orlando Church

Orlando, Florida: Central Florida's CF13 News & WESH2 cover our removal of a very large honey bee colony located in the wall of a downtown Orlando Church. We enjoyed meeting and helping Mr. McGee. Call one of our experts at 1-855-930-BEES (2337) for expert Honey Bee and Killer Bee treatment and removal.

WESH's Aixa Diaz writes "More than 50,000 bees were removed from the wall of a downtown Orlando church on Wednesday. Mark McGhee, property manager at the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, said that he wasn’t sure what to do with the swarm of bees coming from the hive. “First of all, I couldn't find anybody to do it,” said McGhee. “I knew I couldn't do it.” McGhee hired a professional company to come in and remove the bees. Upon drilling a hole in the wall, it was clear that the bee hive extended all the way to the floor. Experts said that it was a mature colony with at least 50,000 bees living in it, and they said it was a mix of European honey bees and Africanized killer bees. “Normally European bees aren't as mean as African killer bees, but a colony this size could be extremely defensive,” said Richard Martyniak, an entomologist." See Aixa's video and the rest of her story here.

CF 13 news reported about this Honey

Bee Removal too: . See that story here.

Africanized Bees attack yard worker AND Paramedics

Africanized bee attack Tampa Fla Tampa, Florida: ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com responds to a Tampa Bee incident involving multiple victims, including Hillsborough County Paramedics!

ABC Action New's Jeff Butera reports: " The scars of Charles Aurelio's Friday now litter his chest in the form of ugly, red splotches. Aurelio went door-to-door Friday morning, looking for work mowing yards. I think I kind of disturbed them and the next thing I knew, they were all over me, Aurelio said. When they're stinging you, you can't do anything about it but let them....... ALL Florida Bee Removal came out to the house to destroy the hive. They believe the Africanized bees were awakened by the vibrations of the lawn mower. "They were aggressive and very terriotorial," said Kyle Harrison, a technician who destroyed the hive. "Generally, it takes 500 stings to kill someone," Jonathan Simkins, from All Florida Bee Removal, said. "But if you're allergic, one will take care of you."

See pics and the rest of his story here.

Giant Yellowjacket nest Treatment

Tampa, Florida:ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com's Entomologist Jonathan Simkins is interviewed by Tampa Bay's Connect 10 about a giant yellow jacket nest located in Pasco County. Yellowjackets are a specialty of Jonathan's and he loves to help folks out with treatments of these beneficial but very ornery stinging insects. See the story here. Call one of our experts at 1-855-930-BEES (2337) for expert yellowjacket tretment and removal.

bee removal videos onlineOur ALL Florida Bee Removal videos now online at YouTube

Orlando Live Honey Bee Removal

Orlando, FL: We respond to a plea from the owner of Randall Made Knives near Orange Blossom Trail & Holden Ave. He has 2 very large aerial nests located 25 feet up in Oak trees on his property and he's concerned that the very cold weather will injure the bees. Our entomologist, Richard Martyniak & Winter Park Honey owner Scott Shurman perform the 2 intense live removals amidst an audience of local media.

Orlando Sentinel's Daphne Sashin's writes "Outfitted in white jumpsuits, rubber gloves and veils, Martyniak and Shurman stood 20 feet above the ground in a manlift, face to face with the first nest. Bees flew all around them. Before he started cutting, Martyniak sprayed plumes of smoke into the blobs of comb to keep the bees from sending alarm signals to each other" Read the rest of her article here. WESH 2 news covered our efforts to save these very large colonies as well. See that story here. The bees will be relocated to apiaries at Winter Park Honey.

Orlando's CF13 News' Scott Harris also ran a story and video. See that here

See more archived bee removal stories here

call for free bee removal

Very Busy Swarm Season & Direct phone numbers

We are now experiencing hundreds of swarm calls each day. We are working hard to handle this seasonal event, and want you to know that if you leave a voice message, we will return your calls as fast as possible. Want to call our experts directly? You can always reach us direct at these numbers:

You can find more contact info about us here....

Picture of a bee swarm in Orlando Florida - AllFloridaBeeRemoval.comBee Swarm season?

It's spring here in parts of Florida and that means Bee Swarms are increasing in frequency. We've been recieving hundreds of calls a day about bee swarms that arrive within minutes..Their size is generally large this time of year, though in areas like Naples, Ft. Myers, Palm Beach and Stuart, we see bee swarms year-round. A Bee Swarm is normally just a method of reproduction --at the colony level. The picture of the left is a Miami honey bee swarm. When a bee colony gets too big for it's home, about 1/2 the hive will leave, taking the old queen with them. They will often temporarily land on a tree limb, side of a house or just about any location, while scout bees are looking for the best location to establish the newly formed colony. It's an amazing sight to see -- 20,000 or so bees moving to a branch within minutes. I've seen the sky darken with so many bees flying. African Bees will swarm in what's called migratory swarms. More on that later.

Ocala Bees swarming to a new location in a tree hole Ocala FlThis picture shows an Orlando Florida honey bee swarm that has landed on a tree hole.( Click here for story).True swarms are usually gentle, as they have no home or young to defend, but please respect them, as often they start building external nests within the swarm and can become defensive at any time. Call us for swarm removal. You can trust the All Florida Bee removal.com team to give the best service, guaranteed! Call Toll Free 1-855-930-BEES (2337) or feel free to email us HERE.

Update: Is it a Tampa bee swarm? or bee colony? and why you should be concerned

Jacksonville Bee Swarm on a sago palmUpdate: A Jacksonville Bee swarm on a Sago Palm

ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com supports our customersAlgusto thank you letter

All Florida Bee Removal team member, Entomologist Jonathan Simkins heard a news story about one of his long time and valued customers, restauranteur Alberto Morillo of Algusto Mexican restuarant needing help to keep his doors open. Jon and his family helped Alberto Remember, we are Florida natives & citizens, operating Florida businesses, helping Florida's people get through these tough times.

Universaity of Florida ee College LogoALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com supports UF's 1st Annual Bee College

All Florida Bee Removal team members, Entomologist Richard Martyniak and Jim Durlacher attended the University of Florida's First Annual Bee College and Master Bee Keeping curriculum held last Wed-Sat at the IFAS MFREC in Apopka, Fl. AFBR.com sponsored refreshments, supplied pens and even helped with kitchen cleanup duties (my wife would be suprised to hear that !!). The curriculum was fantastic. Thanks to UF apiary Entomologist/Professor Dr. Jamie Ellis and his crew from UF and DACS for presenting such a wonderful event for beekeepers. Kudos !!orange and blue

Florida Bee Rescue in Oak Tree InterlachenFlorida Bee Rescue in Fallen Oak Tree

Florida State Beekeepers Association Publicity Coordinator Nancy Gentry and All Florida Bee Removal Entomologist Richard Martyniak tackled a honey bee rescue in Interlachen this past Saturday. A majestic Oak tree had blown over in Interlachen, Florida a few weeks back and a resident bee colony went over with it. Here's a brief interim story on the bee rescue.

Bee sticky trap filled with honeybees underneath an electric meterWarning bee spray Please DON'T spray bees with Wasp-Freeze !!

This Sanford Bee Removal customer was told by the Local hardware store to use cans of Wasp Freeze on a swarm of bees that had moved in to her wall, right behind her electric meter. Please O' Please NEVER EVER use cans of insecticide on Bees ! You will incite thousands of honey bees to fly around the immediate area and maybe around your neighbors houses up and down your street. And then when you do call us to do the job correctly, it takes longer to control the little girls, which means a more expensive visit. Plus, we absolutely cannot attempt a live removal ( applicable only in northern Non africanized regions of the state ). Story and more pictures to follow.

Africanized Honey Bees in Florida, Coping with the Challenge FDACS DVDsend in your bee pictures Send your Insect Photos in for Identification

Have some insects that you need Identified? Or just some cool pics of Insects that you want everybody to see? Send 'em in and our entomologists will be happy to ID them for you! These are Sarasota paper wasps (Polistes)..

Email your JPG, GIFS, TIFF or Photoshop PSD's to bugid@ALLFloridaBeeRemoval.com We'll soon have an image gallery of guest submitted photos, so send 'em in!!

Winter Haven, FL: :Florida State Beekeepers Association annual meeting

The All Florida Bee Removal team attended the Florida State Beekeepers meeting last week, Nov 1-3rd. Speakers including, Dr. Jamie Ellis, Assistant Professor, University of Florida Entomology & Nematology, Jerry Hayes, FDACS DPI Apiary Inspection Assistant Chief,, Amanda Ellis, FL Dept. of Agriculture DPI, Dr. Malcolm Sanford, and many others spoke on topics of interest to anybody interested in bees. Workshops with live beehives were conducted by Apiary inpectors, and AFBR's Richard Martyniak shot video and will be producing DVD's and web delivered video of the workshops, which will be available from FSBA.. AFBR.com is donating the production & postproduction costs to the FSBA. AFBR associates are beekeepers and remain committed to supporting beekeeping and honey production in the State of Florida & the United States. video: Richard Martyniak

Africanized Honey Bees in Florida, Coping with the Challenge FDACS DVDAfricanized Honey Bees - State of Florida DVD

Always happy to assist our regulatory officials in spreading the word about African bees, Our very own entomologists, Jonathan Simkins & Richard Martyniak, participated in production of the new Florida Dept. of Agriculture's (DACS) educational DVD, " Africanized Bees in Florida Coping with the Challenge". Jonathan gladly donned his protective gear and demonstrated proper control techniques for the production crew. He also kept the production crew safe from the legions of slightly upset African bees. Richard (a very accomplished insect videographer) provided macro footage of a honey bee sting. No,, he did'nt provide the arm..this time!!

The video is now running on local government TV. Click here for a link to the PSA on the DACS website.

AllFloridaBeeRemoval.com invites Tampa's ABC Action News reporter Don Germaise to suit up

Don Germaise suited up in one of our sting suits and went skyward to deliver a story about not one, but two aerial honey bee nests in a St. Petersburg neighborhood tree. See the ABC action news video here story and videos pending ....video: Richard Martyniak

Jonathan Simkins of Insect IQ on MyFox Tampa Bay Anne Dwyer interviews him about LoveBugs Entomologist Jonathan Simkins on Fox13TM

One of our own entomologists, Jon Simkins, Insect IQ, Tampa, Fl.,was featured on this morning's Fox 13, and talked about love bugs. Did you know that love bugs aren't 'bugs' at all? Where did they come from? Were they hatched by some university as a biocontrol project gone awry? Fox 13's Anne Dwyer interviews Jon and they offer suggestions for dealing with these pesky critters. full story ....

Florida Pest Control Operators:

All Florida Bee Removal is here to assist you in tackling those bee jobs. Why expose yourself to the increased danger and liability that stinging insect work entails? Our team members are proven stinging insect experts that YOU can count on. . We are entomologists,licensed pest control operators & beekeepers that have the education & experience to tackle those difficult stinging insects.. We cover the entire state of Florida, from Pensacola to Amelia Island to Miami, to Naples bee removals, Give us a call, we'll be happy to discuss the details.

bee humor :

honey bee hive map humor

bee humor from pbfcomics.com :


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